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Sep. 22nd, 2014

You've all pretty much failed the biggest test on the internet:
Not correcting someone who is wrong. You also stole fizzy lifting drinks:

MUGEN update?

Well, now I probably have more MUGEN characters than I know what to do with. Which is OK. I'm currently making a folder of pictures of the characters I want to make my own versions of, for reference. I think it will really just be edits of pre-existing characters in new sprite version. Or if people started a character I might base it off of that. If I can. I have no idea how this works yet. I know you have to start with designs and ideas for super-moves and whatnot, so I'm going to start with that part of planning.

The fun part comes when I am just sitting here all day, unpacking characters and finding a relevant stage for them to be in, rewriting the select files, testing characters and stages. My first two projects will probably be Magik and Warlock.





Mainly because they are my two favorite characters from the New Mutants.


MUGEN (Marvel!)


So, I've been working on a MUGEN project, having not touched MUGEN since 2009 or something... My thumb is getting sore because honestly this old USB controller is a bad one. I'm going to have to start making my own, custom characters. I mean, this is supposed to be a "Marvel Universe" game. And I want there to be a lot of choices and stuff to have fun with, a lot of stages and places in the Marvel Universe to play in.

This is really more of an experiment in game design than anything, to show that I can take stuff and put it together and make it work properly. Though I am just taking a lot of characters that someone else made and putting them in MUGEN more than anything. I think that in order for it to be 'game design' I have to somehow make my own characters, well, Marvel characters, to put in the roster.

Here are just some ideas I am throwing around in my head...

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Again, I am not making this for money, or to even release to the public, just as a one-off 'example', of what I can do and really for my own amusement, to show that I can put stuff together, design and balance a bigass game by myself from scratch components, make new characters and animate them, level design and whatnot...


Teenage Archaeological Discovery!

Found an old comic book series I used to draw as a teenager :)

No, Never.

On the one hand, I was kidding about my exes being driven crazy by the Goddess I am "looking for"... on the other hand I'm not so sure there isn't some validity to that thought. Maybe I'm just drawn to, or bring out the Eris inside of people when I should be looking more for Venus or Artemis or something... :| OH, Discordia you so SILLY! <3 No, really, I hope she gets some help soon.

(And then he proceeded to listen to BABES IN TOYLAND at full blast, just like High School, yeah... One last look for things you lost in the places you think you lost them...)

Self-Esteem for Dummies

It isn't because I don't want to work that I don't have a job... I enjoy structure, routine, going to work and doing something, getting paid... I don't mind that sort of thing at all. No, the problem is shyness. I wouldn't say that it is a lack of assertiveness, not really. I have the will and the drive to do things, I want to make YouTube videos, I want to be able to make that my "life" I guess. Because ironically I am too embarrassed, and too shy to go looking for a normal job. I can barely deal with people, I don't even know how to anymore.

I don't think I am one of those people who would shut themselves indoors forever, but you never know. I feel... like I am falling apart without something vital in my life... slipping away... and no one is there to catch me. No one wants to catch me. I don't think anyone even notices me. I am getting to the point where I don't even want to ask for help anymore, it's too embarrassing, it's all that I ever do. I don't want to starve to death or lack the resources to make videos... I can barely even do that with what I have ... I don't know what to do next.

I am not afraid of people out of some irrational fear, or some paranoid idea, I just don't want to interfere anymore. I try to help people and it always goes wrong somehow. Or they don't see how I helped them, those parts of their life don't seem as important as the meaningless things people place value in... It's not even a fear I think that drives this shyness, though I could be wrong, I don't know.

I am alone. Maybe it's better that way. Being alone. I extend my hand, maybe out to the stars in the sky, but other people are long gone or forgotten or too far away to see it sticking out, to take it, to pull me out of this. A song will evoke the remembrance of some happier time, maybe the time we laid out on some railroad tracks, the time we sat at the edge of the rock crusher, the time hiding in a window in a castle, the moon rising over the farmland, throwing popcorn at me in the movie... because while your face did change all those years, there was really only one Goddess in my life. Some people cannot handle that energy, flowing from them. It is too much for them, it tears them apart, drives them into silence...

It becomes more of a dare... than love. But I have loved Her, more than anything. Is it an Idea, a Goddess, an invocation of something more than a person that causes everything to crumble around me... people to go insane or paranoid or into stalkers or to vanish completely from the World... is this power too much to bring out in some people, leaving them burnt shells in Her wake? This Love is too Dangerous. Even if I deny it, it somehow... She somehow follows me.

And so right now, I am alone. I am on the verge of homelessness and hunger. Withdrawn and terribly shy, I don't want to share these thoughts with anyone... but I know that I must otherwise I am hurting only myself... in truth I want to crawl under a table and hide there like I did when I was a kid... there isn't any safe sanctuary to run to anymore... I... didn't burn any bridges, they just aren't there anymore.

I... I miss Jennifer. And I'm sorry... I didn't know about Adam. You should have spoken up. I would have been there for you... I can gather up the courage and the wherewithal to apologize to fucking Matthew Barney... but I can't apologize to some invisible girl from 18 years ago... I... I am a fucking idiot. And it's this thought that drives me further into that shyness, you know?



dammit dear_gnome

Well, shit.

Jun. 5th, 2012

we will reunite
because the light
is the same as night

shades of grey but hey
that's what they say
in the evening day

its over
before it ever has begun
the moon is out
and so is the sun

planets cross across the sky
no one really wondered why
you're the center of the universe
and it's getting worse

but it will get better
water dry and desert wetter
longer than the days
how could you ever ever ever forget her?

there's no reason for the season
it just turns the world around
you wake up to unbelieving
fall asleep to the loudest sounds

its raining in this heart of yours
its snowing in my mind
the sun is shining indoors
so please don't shut the blinds

and so tonight
we reunite
the night with light

and dance with moon
under the June
sway and swoon

Personal Psychology

I have my own 'psychology'. As in, the study of the Psyche. Or what you might term as the Soul, the Self...

I see the self as a flow of energy, from the highest part of the psyche, which you or I would consider to be the Soul, through the Elements of Will, of Mind, of the Heart or emotional body, to the physical Body. There is a flow through these various levels of our psyche. This psychology is basically the Crystal Path, in a nutshell.

the crystal path

There are other aspects to this, the Light, or unspeakable Truth, which can only be experienced but not truly described, and the Shadow, or the transmission of Meaning, which is language itself, a shadow cast by the Self. These are all integral parts to this psychology.

It does not define, however, what is insane, or aberrant, or crazy - it takes great lengths to define what intrinsic qualities of the self are resonant and create harmonious relationships with the world around us. These are the Outer Crystals and the Inner Crystals. The Outer Crystals are ways in which we can connect with other people through our own actions and the Inner Crystals are ways that we can maintain this stability within ourselves.

I did take time to contemplate and list a lot of the dissonant ways in which people behave, just by considering the 'opposite' of each of the Crystals. This is important to determine the way in which we are 'deficient', and which parts of us need work. These are not really part of the Crystal Path in as much as they are part of a toolset for identifying and diagnosing a problem within someone.

What we call psychology currently does not study things terribly holistically, taking into account the idea of flow, the idea that we are creative beings, and when that energy is repressed and denied us, it will turn self-destructive and 'poison' us. Well, maybe some of the psychologists out there do see things that way, but for the most part it seem to be just the study of 'crazy people' and attempting to control their behaviour through drugs without even trying to treat the root causes of the problem... I see so many people who are angry and unhappy, and I notice their lack of creative or even ludic activity. Play and humor is very important! They are 'deficient' - they aren't able to express themselves in a proper manner.

I consider the Crystal Path to be a personal psychology. But I do see that it is a universal flow across all people. That this is how energy flows through us. That energy does flow through us. Energy must flow through us. Otherwise, we get dis-ease. Dissonant behavior. That sort of thing. But I see that people are structured in this manner, when I find they are emotionally disturbed or emotionally inhibited in some way, the mental capacities seem to flourish, but in truth they are not very well censored by the emotional state. Because nothing is there between the mind and the body or physical state to stop or direct the flow of energy. The people who are sheltered, who have not been exposed to much of the variety of emotions, who are kept away from things are the most susceptible to this emotional incontinence, and it comes through in tantrums, violent behaviour, sociopathy... but the root cause is that they desire to be loved, but they do not understand the true harmonic nature of Love.

A lot of the problems of the world are cause by the lack of coping skills concerning stress, and stressors. The emotional center is the part of us that deals with a lot of the "blows" to our psyche, as well. It is not further back in our psyche, it is right there taking the "damage" when language is used against us, when words hurt, when people attempt to spread the memes of Ego and dissonance around. That is basically what is going on. Dissonance spreads the deficiency of flow in our Self. That is my "take" on all of it. When someone seeks to abuse us, to bully us, to force us into a course of action where it seems we have no choice (which is just a point of view, there are an infinite number of true choices), they are simply transferring or infecting us with their dissonant memes.

YouTube Bloop...

All kinds of tools and toys for making videos later... I'm gonna make this work some how. Even without that $300 computer. :| I will work around my shortcomings and overcome all obstacles somehow. :)

I'm gonna do some Minecraft videos. I started recording a quick walk through of my first Minecraft World, Nova Scotia... I have to edit it and voice over it again... or maybe re-record it I guess. I was not speaking up over the mic. Grrrr...

Some more WoW Beta videos. :| It's nice to at least be able to record some live video along with my Screencaps. LOL. I still am going to put screencaps IN there, of course... but more actual video also. :) I can at least showcase some of what I am doing I guess.

My newest thing that I have actually posted is a series of Legend of Zelda videos, wherein I play LoZ with no sword... I should do part two, it's the only thing I have gotten upvoted on Reddit so far :/

Apr. 24th, 2012

In the end all we can take responsibility for is our own action.

The Crystal Path: an Introduction.

OK. So, I said I was going to post about the Crystal Path. Giving you this image is a good start, though it doesn't explain the Path itself. This is how the Crystal Path has been laid out for something like the last 10 years, not much but the names of the Outer Crystals have really changed, and that was just refining them to be a bit more simple (for example, I changed the clunky name "Faith in Self" to the more elegant "Confidence").

As you can see, the Spirit or the Soul is in the Center of the Crystal Path. It is the point from which all things emerge, and the place that perceives and receives all feedback from reality. I suppose you could call it a model of consciousness. The Elements around the Spirit crystal represent different aspects of the Psyche, the different parts of the Self. (In a way, psychologically speaking, the Crystal Path is a very good definition of 'sanity', as it displays and describes the highest vibrational function of each of the parts of our psyche in the Outer Crystals) I like the fact that the Classical Elements are used, because these Elements also represent different states of matter. I have thrown in "Sun" and "Moon" as representations of Light and Shadow, and yes that ties into the idea that Matter is nothing more than vibrating energy, which in this case, is represented by the Spirit at the center of the path. It isn't just a metaphysical map, but also one of physics. I like this model because it is very elegant and also "fractal".

Anyway, yes, the different states of matter correspond in this way to the different parts of our Psyche. The Crystal Path did start out, in a lot of ways, as a Magickal Correspondence Chart, like you see in a lot of magickal books where they tell you that Venus = Green = Love, etc. Well, this goes a few steps further. It says: you are spirit, you have all of these Elements at your disposal, these Outer Crystals are the highest things that you are capable of. Whereas modern religion says: "Don't do this, don't do that," it never tells you what you CAN do, what you are capable of. In essence, that kind of thinking paralyzes people and makes them useless, just followers waiting to die, essentially, so they can get whatever reward is promised them... I developed this because I wanted to know what people are capable of doing, and TELL them, and get them out in the world, adventuring... making resonance. And yes, the whole thing is very useful as a correspondence chart.

But, it also underlines the following analogy: energy flows from the highest point through the various levels, and seeks creation and expression in this world. Spirit is expressive. It seeks to be Creative. Energy flows best through a branched or fractal conduit, like a lightning bolt, a tree, or blood vessels, because in that way it reaches every point equally. I don't have to tell you that humans didn't develop their systems in an elegant way and thus entropy is rampant in the closed systems of government, religion, economy, education, etc. If those systems subscribed to what people CAN do, they would not look the same.

Each level of our psyche is a lens that focuses our energy and attention in a very specific way. Media and television and movies and all of the other distractions we have created in our closed system are very good at UNFOCUSING that lens within us, wasting away at our mind, our will, our hearts, to get us to think however they want us to think and to act however they would have us act, so they could profit. Sadly, they are only us as well. They don't know their true potential either. To rebel against them is to only become like them. Flow is the answer, not resistance. Resonance is the best "resistance". There is already enough dissonance in the world, perpetuating the meme of Ego around.

Anyway, I think I will be posting some "lessons" about this if you want to know more. I wanted to offer a course on this sort of thing, if anyone is interested... :)

I Should Be A Level Designer...

I've been thinking about potential jobs, and that even though I have my Network+ certification and I'm working towards Network Engineering, that I would probably make a decent game designer. I look back on the past. From an early age I was programming games in Atari BASIC, and learning about how games and programs are made. I used to make a game, called Tunnels of Terror, with my friend Bobby. We would take pieces of paper stapled together as a book, and in it draw tunnels and choices and obstacles if you took a certain path. That's level design right there. This was before I ever hit junior high school. Around that time, I got a Nintendo, and by then I was designing whole worlds for D&D (I recently found a very large map I was designing), and my own sequels to Nintendo games. From there I was always designing my own pen and paper RPGS, like Myriad (which no one has ever heard of, but it is essentially the prototype of my MMORPG idea). I love games where you can build your own worlds, like SimCity, Minecraft, or RPGMaker. I think I would make a pretty decent level designer, or a game conceptualizer.

When I play games nowadays, I don't think about the game, I think about how you can make the game better.

I have a lot of graph paper notebooks...

Yesterday I passed my Network+ exam. Rawr!

I intend to write more about the Crystal Path in this livejournal. I have to pore over a lot of notes and process the best explanation. But not to worry, I'm working on it!

Did It For Whitney.

In 2006 I started writing a novel. Well, I suppose I should say I started *planning* a novel. Since then, so many things relevant to the idea of the novel have happened. Celebrities are still dropping dead from excess, and enablers, not learning a damn thing from the death of people like Heath Ledger or Michael Jackson... Still, nice to know it would still be a relevant novel even today. >.>

Minecraft Map (Overviewer)

Hm. Found a map program for Minecraft that only works on the command line. So, I did what any sensible person would do in that case, is find out the command to render the map I use the most, and save it in a .bat file. And then shortcut that to my rocketdock. Cause, you know, the less steps it takes for me to do something, the better. (I should probably log into WoW or something.)

More on my Project

I don't know if there is already a standard for 7 segment displays, and their 128 character states. However, the standard that I want defines not just how you get those characters (programming them in, I guess) but also how you read them. So, a character that doesn't look alphanumeric, how do you read it? What does it mean? So, this falls into the classification of "Creating a language system of meaningful alphanumeric and symbolic codes."

I was doing research and I noticed that systems like ASCII (especially early ASCII) have a 128 character set. There is also PETSCII and ATASCII which were character sets for the Commodore PET and the ATARI computer systems (I am well familiar with ATASCII, I used to have an Atari 1200XL, and I had a book with all the ATASCII codes in the back of it when I was programming... this was in the late 80's, by the way). These mostly have a matrix of characters that is 0-F wide and 0-7 deep, which allows for 16x8 characters which is 128.

The problem is that there might be a standard for getting these 128 states and I don't know it, or I have to make it up. The other problem is that there is no definition of what these stranger states even mean, and there is no agreement on how to display letters in this manner. Just look at the wikipedia page about displaying character representations, and there is certainly no IEEE standard, despite it being an electronic or electric medium that has been around... forever. They just frown at you and go... "It's for numbers only and maybe hexadecimal, dumbass, what are you trying to do?"

My Google research isn't turning up anything. I do understand how the 7 segment display works, and I will probably have to specially control the 7 segment in order to get this done (through something like an arduino board or whatever) if there is no microcontroller that does all 128 states... But if I am gonna go thru an Arduino I might as well also make that part of the Menu system of the device, since it has a really nice programming structure. I suppose it would be cooler or whatever if the device was custom made, but I also wanted it to be made from 'available parts'. I dunno.

I've been working on finding out more about the modules of the device itself, and looking through ways of running scripts, or shell scripting or something. I've got some .pdfs to look thru, and learn but I am not to that part of the device yet. The device itself is nothing more than an uber-simple GUI to control certain aspects of a tiny little computer which does automated wireless or bluetooth or infrared or whatever medium you need it to have (I'm considering it as an Open Source Hardware kind of kit) scripts. And yes, I know it would be incredibly simple to put a LED display that was controlled by a simple chip on it... but... the language part of it and the 7 segment part of it is the coolest part. It's what makes it special and stands out.

I'm not really going to elaborate on what I mean by any of that. But I will say that I wanted to make a device that anyone could potentially build themselves and add on to or subtract from, have a connection to other owners by the way that it was controlled or the symbol set, and other aspects of the device. I also wanted a way to display little "runners", that is segments that run around in circles in each character, to show that a process was running or that the device was powering up or charging or something. And the microcontrollers are kind of meh about this. There's no documentation about any of it.

Okay, that was probably boring but I did offer a little insight to my idea. :)

Mar. 1st, 2012

Yeah, I'm definitely looking into some kind of arduino or beagleboard type microprocessor to control all the inside of my little device. The smaller the better but I guess there are limits to how small something can be and work properly. Resources, though, are scarce. I don't really have any money right now. I should make a kickstarter page to develop this little device, since it will essentially eventually be open source hardware. Hmmm... Maybe that is a good starting point.
"Working on the Display"

Wikipedia says that 7-segment displays have 128 possible "states". They have a diagram with all of these states, and even a page dedicated to a standardless (non IEEE) standard of possible alphanumeric codes for 7 segment LED displays. But there are no instructions on how to make them do this. Most of the micro-controllers support either the decimal or the hexidecimal (if you're lucky) but not all 128 states. So... I mean, it's only 21 wires to control? I suppose some sort of micro-controller would work better than trying to directly wire it. Especially a multiplexing one, since you have x3 7-segment displays in the project.

The cool thing about using 3 displays with 128 possible states each is that it adds up to 128 x 128 x 128 number of possible displays on the device (I was thinking about making there be a 'code' that 'unlocks' it... using a specific display). 128^3 = 2,097,152 possible combinations. That's a pretty big range of displays. Something complex emerges from something simple. I like it.

By comparison, the English language only has about 228,000 or so words. So a 7 segment display x3 or even x2 would be sufficient. (okay x2 or 128 x 128 only = 16,000 or so combinations, which is still a lot but 128^3 is much better) Having a big, vast number to work with for someone to have to 'crack' to figure out the workings of the device, that's probably better. But the trick still remains is how to get all 128 possible combinations out of each of the seven segment displays.

I suppose the first place to start looking for info would have to be the CD players that use simple 7 segment displays to put words up on their screens to say things like PLAY or whatever. How are those controlled by a simple processor? I should look into old timey CD players (i might even have some collecting dust somewhere).

I already sat down and mapped out the matrix of states for the letters that the device will use for just your normal alphabetic characters, and there's a lot left over for just wierd things that could mean something when combined with other 'symbols'. I can see why there's no real IEEE standard for letters, the display is probably purely meant for things like calculators or whatever, and they are lucky to squeeze out the hex A-F out of the thing. But that's not what I want. I want something complex out of something simple. And it isn't impossible, I've seen it done with 7 segment displays where they have non-standard things on them.

So... how? Or should I just give up and go to 14 segment displays? Nah, I wanted the simplicity of the 7 segment display, it creates a nice resonance of numbers. 777, sort of.

(This might just imply that the other states are still accessible with most microprocessors I guess, since it has a lot of hex values attributed to the 'wierder' states.)

The Red

Been using my N800 more for "taking notes of things I want or find interest in" so that I can go about my business doing nothing more. Because of this, I've discovered a band called La Roux. Especially a song called "Bulletproof" Which I probably would have missed otherwise. Thanks, random song in Hot Topic. :P The video reminds me of something like TRON. Very 80's and also very futuristic. I like the chorus. Watching the rest of the La Roux videos, I find I am drawn to that 80's synth pop sound... though to me it sounds tongue in cheekily done. I can play it with my Roisin Murphy and Goldfrapp playlists :) I wouldn't really call it electroclash like that but it is it's own little monster.

But what do I know about music?

Minor Paths

In the Tarot, we tend to take the Minor Arcana for granted. But the other day, I just broke out the Tarot cards for Miriam to try to make a point about paths in life. I put the Major Arcana cards aside, and started with the Earth or Disks. I laid them all out from Ace to 10, and asked, what do you notice about the ones with negative connotations? (I use the Thoth Deck that Crowley designed, btw) They are all imbalanced numbers.

I put the balanced numbers closer to her, and the imbalanced cards closer to me, with the ace at the very top, right in front of me. "Imagine these are your choices in life. These are the foundations for your being." This interpretation, by the way, was something utterly intuitive. I didn't know what the outcome of doing this would be. I assume it ties into the novel I'm writing, there are some chapters I have attributed to cards, but... anyway. Each of the cards showed a path... The foundation or root cause of each path was the Disks, the Emotional content of it was the Cups, the Mental part of it was represented in Swords, and finally the outcome was represented in the Wands.

So, the path for 2 would be: Change - Love - Peace - Dominion.
(which is the 2 of Disks, 2 of Cups, 2 of Swords, and 2 of Wands, respectively). Do this for all the cards, and you see a pattern emerge... What you seek in life, what you base your life on, determines the outcome. Intention, and Attention direct the flow of energy of Will to determine the course of Life.

Writer's Block: First Amendment

America is ███ ████ ███████ ███████ █████ ██ █████ freedom. ████ ████ █ █████ ███████ ████.


I've been working on transcribing a notebook to my journal wiki, in which I took a 'accidental vacation' to the communes hidden away in Tennessee, especially Short Mountain Sanctuary and IDA. A lot of the articles I've written in the wiki I've been putting pictures for points of reference (I'm a pretty visual person, so it's helpful for the memory-image of that part of the wiki), so I've been looking online for pictures of the places. It's interesting to see that some of the people who were there back in 1999 are still there. Wow!

Also, we have a car. But we have to wait until Monday to get the registration and the title and everything.

Dec. 30th, 2011


Watching. And waiting. Silently biding my time. Patiently. Farming BC dungeons for rep but also for items to sell on the AH. Myathe is exalted with Low City and also the Consortium (finally, it seems) after running Auchindouin dungeons every day for a while. I'm out at the Tempest Keep dungeons for Sha'tar rep now, and sometimes the Caverns of Time BC dungeons for Keepers of Time rep. I get those signets that let you get Scryer rep, and Ancient Tomes... I run everything on Heroic... and sell the cloth and the greens that I get on the AH. You can make a lot of gold that way...

I think tonight I was soloing Arcatraz on Myathe, and I did okay until I discovered that one of the bosses at the end of the instance was immune to magic damage... I died because I started using my wand on it too late... but I came back and finished it off... It was slightly amusing to die as an 85 on a lvl 70 heroic, because I forgot about that...

Other than that nothing really new is happening. My rogue has some decent LFR gear. /shrug.

A Season ForGiving

Energy must flow. Otherwise the circuit will build up a charge until it blows out. And then, in the end, energy WILL flow. The universe does not revolve around stasis, it revolves because it flows, because life flows, because the universe flows. This is the fundamental principle of life. The people who hold so viciously onto something that we see as valuable, what good is that, we could put our value in something else, in each other... and turn our backs on all that they have. How worthless their collection of vaults and expensive toys then become. Their charge becomes null and void, we pull the plug, and plug into a much greater outlet, imbuing ourselves with a much greater power than they could ever provide us with, with their limited vision of the future, their short-sighted grabbing for bits of paper, a mindless game that they invented to control no one but themselves, to separate themselves from their souls, to separate themselves from the rest of the world... how useless in the great span of the cosmos all of their whining and shouting and telling other people what to do becomes. They become tiny and powerless as they really are, the little black holes sucking in the life and the light and the flow of the world into their coffers, because we allow them to. Well... not for very much longer.

And we don't need bombs or guns or marches or anything in order to stop them. And they can't stop us, because they are the few, and we are the many, but we don't need numbers because in truth they are powerless. They seek to gain more and more, but what they have gained isn't power. What they have gained more and more of isn't power, it isn't anything but what we say it is. And we can all agree that it is nothing, that the game is over, okay, you win, and a new game begins with some other goal. No, what they have amassed is simply the absence of power, the vacuum of power, something that sucks power up into it, because it makes the whole of the human race more and more powerless as a result of its eternal sucking, sucking out the fun of our lives into the doldrums of jobs we don't even want but are forced to have to survive in a system we never agreed to. Those stars aren't that far away, not really, and we could reach them if it weren't for the people with their hands out, the real welfare people who we feed every time we eat at their fast food restaurants or buy their motor oil or shop at their mega malls. Those are the people with their hand out, their big fat greedy hands, waiting for the government to bail them out, waiting for the people of the world to foot the bill, those are the real people on the dole, who don't really DO anything, but think we should pay tribute to them because they HAVE something.

People are not what they HAVE, they are what they DO. Doing is flowing. Giving is flowing. Having, keeping, collecting, hoarding, storing, stuffing, damming, capitalizing, and taking is not flowing. Its the opposite of flowing. It's the opposite of life. It's stasis. Death. That's how you make money in this world. You resist flow. You make people work. Slavery never was abolished. It's just corporate now. And it has corrupted everything fair and just and proper in this country and all over the world. But giving is flowing. Giving is life. Remember that, because it's Christmas. Life is flow. And on Christmas, the guy who went into the city and upended the tables of the money-changers was born. And to remember that day, we give each other gifts. Makes sense.

When you have nothing to post, post nothing.

Sorry that I haven't written in a while. I barely post on livejournal or facebook. Honestly, I used to have too much to say at some point in my life, now I am just either at school or on WoW. So I don't get to post very often. Things have been okay... I'm trying to work on getting a degree and some certifications from Virginia College. I want to wait till later or maybe in the summer to get the certifications, mainly because I don't have the money to pay for the certifications at the moment. I will eventually find a part time job, somewhere, somehow.

This will be made easier by the fact that Miriam is buying a car from Kelli. Of course, I will be the person to drive everyone around, since it's a stick. Still, its better than no car at all. I will have to teach Miriam how to drive it. Things are otherwise not that bad, I was hungry yesterday, but Kelli came over in the morning with her dog and took me over to her house for lunch and also so I could help fix her computer. Still has some kind of problem with Internet Explorer... but we will have a car. Kelli also gave us a Christmas Tree. Cool.

There's a pink or purpleish colored line on my monitor. I'm guessing its a line of stuck pixels from changing screen modes too quick. I had this happen not too long ago and it went back to normal but today its staying there. It's not really bothersome. I've used it to line up my UI in WoW. And I don't see it because on a white background its virtually invisible. I've fun the programs that are supposed to "fix" it, but I'm sure its just because the video card is dying or not that great, or because of some other problem... the monitor might just be going bad on me. Nevertheless, I'm gonna have to find a backup one soon.

Grunge is not Dead, it's Hibernating

I know I should probably write the obligatory post of "Character X got to 80" and whatever. I probably will, I just wanted to say I have been trying to reclaim my music collection in some form on my external HD (500GB), and amongst the things I have been trying to get back is a lot of the music I lost in the mid-90's for some reason. Especially things that are on cassette tape, which can't be easily ripped to iTunes. I have a whole box of music that I ripped last night and this whole day. So a lot of the stuff I have on cassette I am free to get off of the Bay or whatever, so I have a digital record of the stuff I own. I can't just lug boxes of music with me all over the place, but I can lug a little HD. Ah, modern technology! Anyway... I also got one of my sketchbooks... Hopefully I will be scanning that with notes... it's also a journal of sorts...

If You Had To Choose, America:

J.P. Morgan

Nikola Tesla

What would you rather America be? Would you rather have America evolved from the darkness of the industrial age into a new golden age 100 years ago, with free wireless electricity and long range communications all over the planet with the wonder of the ionosphere, or would you rather keep the gas guzzling cars, the strongarm of the Federal Reserve printing money that is not even worth gold anymore, the utility bill every month? If freedom is not free, consider who you are paying to get it. Well, also consider that you are not free, and that your lives are subject to the rule of the corporation, and not the government.

Consider the cause of the stock market panic in 1907. This was a direct result of Edison and Morgan trying to screw over Westinghouse and Tesla. Then consider the "reaction" a few years later with the creation of the Federal Reserve, in order to try to "stabilize the banks". Not only was the creation of the monetary system we have today which benefited Morgan created by Morgan, it was done in order to screw every human being on this planet out of having free wireless power. Tesla was bankrupt when he died, even though he created, essentially, the Alternating Current which we all use today. He had a much greater vision of how power could be transmitted, but due to greed and corruption, scandal and lies, this vision was never achieved. Morgan had a bigger plan. He wanted to own everything.

J.P. Morgan created the panic of 1907 and then stepped in to save it, and then lobbied hard for the creation of the NY Federal Reserve to be the biggest one. This whole Occupy Wall Street plan is a great idea, but I hate to say that it is 100 years too late. I would urge every citizen in any country on the planet, if they wanted to protest, take your money out of Chase banks, any subsidiary of a Chase bank, anything ever having to do with J.P. Morgan or anything he or his family owns or owned. This includes steel factories, railroads, anything. I don't think this will actually happen, and I don't think anyone is listening anymore. No one is angry, everyone is well pacified, right? Since you all have a job, you all make lots of money, right? Right. If you're not angry at knowing what I know, you're deluding yourself that everything is ok.

But what can you do? Look at where your money goes, for starters. If you go to McDonald's and buy a cheeseburger, how much of that money goes to the people who took your order and then how much goes to the person who made it? In turn, how much of that money goes to the CEO of the company in this country? Stop supporting the welfare state created by corporate hierarchies to make lazy rich people even richer. There are no laws regarding how a business must operate itself, they are not democratic entities. And as such, why do they exist in a supposedly democratic nation, giving money to the politicians and lobbying the law of the land? All of this started in 1907, with J.P. Morgan's greed, and Thomas Edison's jealousy. I'm not kidding.

(Before I go I just want to say that I don't see "Federal Reserve Note" or anything printed on our coins. And that is the way out of this mess, that is why a lot of 'dollar coins' are always being minted. That is a big secret they are not going to tell you. If it doesn't say it on there, how can they own it?)

Coming Late to the Party

When I lived in New York in 2007 and 2008, it allowed me to get closer to where Nikola Tesla lived and conducted most of his business. I also got to go to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. It was a pretty good year. But it made me understand that we are essentially, thanks to corporate greed, because of people like J.P. Morgan and the jealous Thomas Edison, 100 years behind where we probably should be, technologically. Corporate greed just hasn't created a disparity of wealth, though that is part of the scheme, I'm sure. Currency itself is a technology that is behind the times, behind itself, so to speak. Corporate greed has created a disparity of technological advancement, in the name of 'making money'.
This might sound like an insane statement considering all of the 'advances in science and technology' over the last 100 years. But consider the things that we have not done, or done again, and why not. We have sent a man to the moon, but have not done so lately. We have created electric cars, but they are not mass produced. What humankind can achieve is so far away from what we really do achieve. Why this disparity? Why the big gap of what is possible and what we actually do as a species? We should be travelling to other planets. It is certainly possible, but because of the 99% of our resources being tied up in the upper 1% of the public, it doesn't seem like it will happen until those assets are liquidated.
For how long have we confused the idea of capitalism with Greed? Why would we ever believe that capitalism in the hands of greedy men has humanity in it's best interests, and will allow us to advance beyond the point where it can easily control us? That is one of the true reasons for the slow advancement of society and technology, the technology to control us has to catch up. Had free electricity existed all over the globe 100 years ago, think of all the literally empowered people all over the world who would never have to rely on an oil company, a utility company, or other people who sell resources and trade resources. Also, consider the pollution that exists in the world today, as a result of that greedy decision 100 years ago. Consider the melting polar ice caps, the holes in the ozone, the deforestation of the planet. Imagine the internet, telephone, and electric car revolution happening before the first World War, and the communication that might have averted or more quickly ended these global crisis. Why doesn't this make anyone fuming mad and ready to storm the banks with torches and pitchforks? Why only NOW, when it's too too late are we seeing any real "resistance" to the true evil in our corrupted system?
Are we living in some alternate history where things went WRONG? I think about Back To The Future 2, where Old Biff's meddling in history creates an alternate 1985, where Marty's father is dead, and his mother is married to Biff. Biff has corrupted all of Hillville with his greed, he owns the cops, and he's running a casino and dumping toxic waste there. Other than looking like a Captain Planet villain, it's quite obvious what Biff stands for in this sequel: Corporate greed, if it is allowed to run rampant, get what it wants. I don't think history itself has been changed, but you never know.

Okay, so I watched Back to the Future 2 the other day... so sue me.

Anyway, I think the Occupy Wall Street movement is a move in the right direction. On the other hand this is the reality: you're a bit late to the party-crashing. The disparity of wealth is so great that there is probably nothing you can do but organize a sit-in at Wall St. while they look down from their bacchanalias and grape-eating parties and laugh. "Too slow," they shout from their skyscraper offices. Anyway, there you have it: The Occupiers are 100 years too late.


I know, you probably don't want to read another post about World of Warcraft. Eh, they're short and sweet and they have pictures of cute goblin chicks. So you probably won't complain terribly much. ;) Its so I can keep track of my minor achievements in the game, too, so bear with me. (Yes, I know I created a lj account for this particular purpose, so I wouldn't have to post this sort of thing here, but like a dummy, I forgot the pwd) If these posts offend you... well, at least you don't have to read /trade chat.

I did Blackwing Lair at some point last night. A lvl 60, 20-man raid with maybe 10 people (ok a few of them were legitimate level 60's, and they tended to die a lot on boss pulls...) in it. I finally got a more recent flying mount from doing Tol Barad dailys - The Drake of the West Wind. I don't know what to do with my honor, so someone in Path of Frost suggested that I buy the mats for an Enchanted Lantern. I ended up buying some parts from the Auction House, though. I finally became bored enough to buy Embercloth and max out my First Aid skill. And I won my first rated battleground also last night - getting [In the Service of the Horde] achievement. Its fun when you have healers healing people, and someone calling out who to focus down on the other team. Well, fun, and a very good strategy.

I've found myself becoming a much better pvper now that I can not get picked off as soon as I enter a battle, with better resilience gear... I can see a healer, silence them, sheep the person next to them and focus back on the healer. As a fire mage I can aoe the heck out of a flag point so no one can stand there or capture it, and I can run after targets and use scorch (even with no mana because of priests w/ mana burn...). I also like to help my frost mage pvpers with the assisting ice lance. As a goblin i use rocket jump to get away from situations (and on my gob warr i use that to jump away and then charge, its really effective in pvp) and as a mage i blink away. In non-rated bgs I use my nitro boost enchant - especially while invisible - to get closer to someone and slow them down, frost nova them, ring of frost, whatever. I can slow down a whole group of people pretty effectively, stun the heck out of casters, that sort of thing.

In other news, I wish it would stop being so overcast - I'd like to spend some time outside. :(

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